Explaining Coverage

Auto Insurance

Most people in Beaufort, SC have auto insurance to satisfy their lien holder.  That is correct, but  insurance is really about protecting you and your family.

Physical damage coverage will repair or replace your car if its damaged. Medical payment coverage will pay medical bills for you and your family, while liability protects you if somehow you are blamed for the accident. Even though the coverage is very extensive, that doesn't mean you have to pay a lot. We're available to answer your questions.  Schedule a consultation today. Currently servicing the Lowcountry. 

Home Insurance

Your home for most people will be their single largest  purchase of their lifetime. Home insurance will protect your investment and insure that if something happens, your family will always have a roof over their heads, and a place to always come home to. We are proud to protect and provide personal insurance for the homes of Beaufort, South Carolina. 

Life Insurance

Life  Insurance  can quite possibly be one of the best investments of your lifetime.  You can never be replaced, but if the time comes why should your family spend one hundred cents on the dollar of your money, when they can spend the insurance companies money. Life insurance insures that for cents on the dollar you can provide financial security for your family, or even funds to continue a business even if your not here to provide. We are proud to offer quality life insurance to the families and business of Beaufort, South Carolina. 

Personal Umbrella

We live in an incredibly litigious world. Beaufort is no exception. Your personal umbrella will always be there to protect your family assets if something terrible happens. Investing in an umbrella policy is a low cost way to save millions. 

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement coverage is something we all need if we're on Medicare. As you know Medicare only pays about eighty percent of your bill. Your Supplement plan can make up the difference and cover the balance, in most cases in full.

Golf Carts

Welcome to the Beaufort, South Carolina. Many of us use our Golf Cart as our primary means of transportation within the communities where we live. 

Like our personal auto's there comes both physical damage and liability needs for your Golf Cart. Let us protect your Golf Cart just as we protect your auto insurance. 

Pet Insurance

We love our pets like our own children, and like our children Health Care for them can be incredibly expensive.

Why not buy Health Insurance to help with the cost of their care.